A medical transcriptionist that uses tools such as a medical text expander can increase both their LPH and average hourly pay immensely.

The reason for this is because with this tool you can cut down on the actual characters you type.  You will create shortcuts or abbreviations that are anywhere from three to five letters.  Instead of typing long medical phrases, you can type the shortcut and the program will expand out the phrase you assigned.

Increase your pay with a text expander!

You are paid by the amount of characters that are in the transcribed report.  If you type half of those characters you have saved time, yet, are paid for everything on the page.  This allows you more time to transcribe additional reports.

One of the best expander programs available for medical transcription is Speed Type!  The great thing about this program is that you can download a trial to see if you even like the software before buying it.  I believe the trial is for 15 days.

Click on the image below to visit Speed Type.

Speed Type Image

If you cannot afford a medical text expander, you can also use MS Word and the auto correct feature to accomplish the same thing.

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